12 February 2009

red jak

So, last week I managed to discuss energy drinks without mentioning Red Jak. How could I not mention Red Jak? The local tacqueria, La Bandera Molino, has a decent selection of energy drinks to go with some of the most amazing tacos in the city.

One day, I noticed Red Jak. I only later found out that it is Big Red's energy drink, which means that if you have to imbibe an energy drink with barbacoa, this is the only acceptable option.

After getting over the taste (which isn't bad - just completely unexpected), the drink goes down really smoothly. It has a nice kick and uses only real sugar, which must matter to someone or they wouldn't have put it on the side of the can. Eh.

So, add Red Jak to the list of regulars on the roster. And just try to find it anywhere north of Hildebrand.

Got any rare finds of your own to share?


  1. Have you ever tried PIMP JUICE energy drink? It's by the rapper Nelly. Google it...

  2. never had pimp juice. seen it though. bizarre. i'm sure i'd get a ton of "street-cred" by carrying around a can.

    taylor - you might explode soon.

    also of note - red jak is hot pink. do yourself a favor and never (ever) pour it out of the can. disturbing.


  3. Does it double as anti-freeze?

  4. industrial strength floor cleaner...

  5. all things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial young jedi...

  6. drew cox tells a great story about monster. shop owner spilled some behind his store. mopped it later - concrete was basically burned clean by the acid.

  7. Among those who work the stuff, Coca-Cola syrup (before mixed with five parts carbonated water for human consumption) is well known to eat grout (the stuff between tiles) and anything else you spill it on, given some time. This does not at all keep me from drinking it.

  8. http://www.letitloose.com/