23 March 2010

sin separates

Its All About Relationship - Sin Separates from Grace Point Church on Vimeo.

04 March 2010

why awareness matters

As College Pastor at Grace Point Church, I get to preach almost every week, which I absolutely love. We've started making the sermons from the College service available online at http://sermon.net/gpAmplify Check it out sometime and see what we're all about...

The most recent message comes on the heels of the Amplify Squatter Camp(out), which was basically an urban campout where 53 folks from our college ministry decided to sleep in cardboard boxes in order to know better the plight of the world's poor.

We gained an incredible awareness. The linked message explains why that awareness matters - and when awareness is totally worthless...

Enjoy: http://sermon.net/gpAmplify/sermonid/2358555