08 November 2009

of saltines and stomach bugs: another reason why i love my bella

Anecdotal reason #312 that I love my child ridiculously:

Bella and I are both sick. Stomach bugs and flu and just total nastiness.

And so I am breaking up Saltine crackers for her so she can get something in her little tummy without giving it all back. And she looks at me for a long moment and looks down at her crackers, picks one up, and reaches out her hand and gives it to me. As if to say...

"Here, Daddy - you eat some too"

I hold it and look at her in disbelief as she then puts her little hand under mine and determinedly starts to push my hand up towards my mouth.

"Eat it, Daddy - it'll make you feel better too"...

I pray that she feeds many weary souls on her journey. A pleasure to be among the first.