11 February 2009

unraveling misapplied labels: cubed oranges part 2

Yesterday, I labeled myself a “cubicle-dweller”.

I suppose there is a difference from acknowledging a label and embodying that same label. While I am a cubicle-dweller, I am most definitely not a cubicle-dweller. Confused?

For example, my wife is an American white woman. She should be boring, without rhythm, materialistic, snooty, and self-interested. She should be a chauffeur, a pleaser, and a huge fan of Brad Pitt. So while she is an American white woman, she is most definitely not an American white woman. She is a selfless musician, humble and servant-minded. And though I have a hard time believing that she would turn down either Brad Pitt or an iPhone, she doesn’t lose a wink of sleep over such things.

The question is then: If we are not what the world would see us to be…If we are not the sum of the expectations of others…who are we? What exactly do we embody?

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  1. i would say it's a fine line between acknowledging and embodying the same label. i know for me, there are certain days when i feel like i lean more to one than the other. i've sat at the same desk for nearly 12 years now (that's a lie, i actually got a new desk about 8 years ago), and i know there are countless times when i've sat there thinking to myself, why? what is all of this for? i am quite often in internal conflict between who i think i am and who i might be perceived to be. sometimes i think those two different ideas aren't that different at all...