13 February 2009

god grew tired of us

A few weeks back, Stef and I sat down with Tiffani and watched the documentary “God Grew Tired of Us”.

It is the portrait of the Lost Boys of Sudan coming to America, to a new world of electricity, abundance, and materialism. It is simultaneously amusing, guilt-inducing, heartbreaking, charming, and deeply thought-provoking.

Among the most poignant are the moments where the boys (men in their twenties, actually) are being shown how to use all of the features of their new apartment. They are shown how to turn a lamp on and off, how to use a shower, and what exactly a refrigerator is for. They innocently question our Christmas traditions, unknowingly shaming us for the circus we have created around a sacred and holy remembrance.

“Who is this Santa Claus? What about this tree? I like this tree. You call it ‘Christmas tree’? It is pretty. And are their stories, stories of Santa and trees, are those stories in the Bible near the story of Jesus Christ?”

If you have 89 unencumbered minutes in the next few weeks, do yourself a favor and rent “God Grew Tired of Us”.

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