04 September 2008

i tried to come up with a clever title here - but it's about compost so what can you say?

That is my compost pile.

That is where our rubbish goes - banana peels, rotten cantaloupes, stale cereal, lettuce cores, watermelon rinds, grass clippings, moldy bread, random leaves....

It goes in rubbish and comes out perfectly good soil. The rubbish actually cooks itself in the pile, going from trash to treasure - organic, high-nutrient soil.

Just a few more months until our litchi tree will be the beneficiary of all of this great stuff...

Travis the Gardener (possible composting addict) hooked me up with the contraption that holds my compost (and some stolen grass clippings), but you can make one easily too...

And now you can insert your own metaphorical reference as to how new growth coming from rubbish applies to us on a deeper level than we really know...I'm a bit peckish.

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