03 September 2008

the kindle - at $100 off

Most of you in this space are aware that I am the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle. And quite a few of you have said that you too would be the proud owner of a Kindle if only it were a little cheaper.

(For those still uninitiated, the Kindle is Amazon's "e-reader", a device that is to books, magazines, and blogs what an iPod is to music - and it connects wirelessly to the Amazon store from anywhere so you are never more than a minute away from your next reading adventure.)

The good folks at Amazon are chopping $100 off the Kindle if you'll jump through a couple of hoops - really pretty easy stuff. It is the standard "open a credit account, use it for the discount, and close it" routine.

If you are curious, The Kindle homepage has all kinds of little videos and features to tell you why it's so great. It is also where you will find the offer for $100 off.

I love my Kindle. I'll tell you all about it if you let me. Ask the guy I sat next to on the plane last week. Or the old lady at the mall. Or the dude at church. Or Stef...


  1. oh...you and your kindle!!

    love, your wife

  2. I love my Kindle too. I've had mine since February and don't know what I would do without it. I get the Washington Post every morning...delivered...without killing trees. I've read a much better variety of books than I ever thought possible. I'm in school and find that I can do some research using just the first FREE chapter of many books! I'm glad to see another Kindle lover/evangelist!