18 August 2008

oh litchi tree, oh litchi tree...

I've been reading a good blog recently. The author doesn't post every day. He doesn't talk about politics or sports. He doesn't reference pop culture and he probably will never be famous. He mainly blogs about his garden and it's parabolic nature. He finds joy and beauty in working and getting dirty and nurturing things from the dirt to his dinner table.

So, perhaps a little bit drunk from my talks with Travis and reading about Getting Back to the Garden, I decided that I needed to buy a little tree. And while I was at the nursery, I ran across a litchi tree (sometimes spelled lychee), which happens to produce Stefani's favorite fruit from South Africa.

I talked her into the idea that it was a good investment and a good way to stay connected to Africa (sigh) and we went back out to the nursery to select our new addition to the family. And there were only two little guys there - both pretty pitiful and one $10 cheaper than the other. I wonder which one we chose...

We got home with our little piece of Africa (which is actually native to China - cue the Olympic theme song) and we picked out just the right spot. Then we got to work (which consisted of me digging and Stef pretending like she was working by posing for pictures with yard equipment) and got our tree into the ground. We made sure that it had plenty of good soil and a big gulp of water and we covered it in mulch so it could dominate it's little spot on this earth.

Now, we nurture and wait. If all goes well, we'll be eating the last of our litchis this time next year. And maybe I'll have learned a little bit about growth and God in the process.


  1. You planted just in time for the rain! I can't wait to taste some litchi fruit (I might want to keep some seeds). The inspirer has been inspired, and vice versa!

  2. I wish you could see the smile on my face as I look at pictures of you and Stefani PLANTING THINGS! (I was sure all the yard work I made you do growing up would turn you off to gardening.) I, like Travis, am intrigued by your litchi tree. Also, I LOVE his gardening blog; I couldn't resist clicking over to it. Love, Mom

  3. good ol litchi brewster...