31 May 2008

david wilcox on the storms of life

David Wilcox (not a Canadian) has a new album out. He wrote and recorded the whole thing in an AirStream trailer in which he and his family were touring the country.

He had the following to say when discussing one of his new songs. I think it is worth a moment to take in some of his wisdom...

The times that define us are often the times of adversity. PERFECT STORM looks at the tough times as if that's the place where our teacher shows up. The sister song to this is DEEPER STILL, where our surface world cracks apart and we get to look down into how deep life gets. But this song is about looking up from the yearning we feel, that voltage between heaven and earth that arcs in the human heart.

When I was making my way home down a path in the dark as the storm was blowing in, it was the brief flashes of lightning that showed me where I was and where I was going. I am very grateful for those times when my heart is full to bursting with a flash of inspiration that feels like the purpose of my being here. I get quite a charge out of knowing that we are given the task of being a conduit for illumination in this world; we put our lives across that distance where this longing turns to light.

My old song SHOW THE WAY says: don't give up on being the change, like a candle in the dark, just because the world needs so much light. But this song takes it farther and says: even our despair is cause for hope. There is a sacred voltage that burns in our hearts, in our awareness of all that needs to change. This soulful yearning is the wind that drives our sails, and the fact that there's plenty of it in this perfect storm means that we will never have to live in the doldrums.

-David Wilcox

He plays Sunday night in Kerrville and in Waring (Boerne) on Monday night. Maybe we'll see you there.


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  2. See me in the front row in the video. Good times.