28 March 2008

approval and the peace of unconditional surroundings

Coming home has been an interesting experience in any number of ways. What we definitely enjoy the most is the people that made up our community, the people the help us understand the play that we are in just a little better.

I sat down for coffee with such a friend a few evenings back. We laughed about old jobs and life as a Starbucks barista. We smiled as we just enjoyed the presence of one another.

We talked about approval and where the need for such a thing even comes from. We traced the origin of it in our lives and tried to figure out just when that addiction goes away. To some degree, we all live for approval. The question is then whose approval are we after...

After a while, I think we agreed that the antidote to the venom of approval is unconditional love. We roundly came to a conclusion that we, as people, have to surround ourselves with people who will love us despite all of our self-sabotaging ways. We have to have people around us who will love us no more when we do well for them than when we fail them. Only then will the realization come that true love cannot be won or lost - only savored.

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