27 March 2008

the fourth circle: or how i learned to accept free things and embrace the power of community and generosity

At some point in our lives, we catch a break. Sometimes, we get set up with a great gig based only on who we know. Sometimes, we eat ridiculous food because someone else was too busy to eat it themselves. Sometimes, we get...and in the post-karmic stream that we live in we have to find a way to attribute that "getting" to something other than a karmic response to our "giving".

In moving back from South Africa, we have been blessed. In an oft-repeated scene, I'll lean over to Stef and, with hushed voice, tell her that we lead a charmed life. She'll smile and nod her contented agreement.

So, was I the least bit surprised when I was given free music recently? I stumbled onto Enter the Worship Circle's website, looking for some chord charts that I had left somewhere in the African savannah. Once there, I noticed that the group was releasing a brand-new album. Like a giddy school-girl, I clicked download and strangely noticed that the "total" of my shopping cart was "$0.00". I double-checked the contents of the cart - yup, a whole album, 18-songs worth. Still, it looked like they weren't going to charge me.

Sure enough, I checked out, paid nothing, and received a bunch of free (and very good) music. A day or two later, I got an email from the fine Worship Circle folks, explaining that they had inadvertently given music away to quite a few people (me included) and all they asked in return is that we share the music and encourage our friends to check it out. Graceful, eh?

So, check out some great music from some good folks. Experience justice and love. Take a listen. I think I may just pay them anyway - by gifting the music to someone else...

Enter the Worship Circle: Fourth Circle

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