09 January 2008

what we're reading: "the one thing"

So, I finished "The One Thing You Need to Know" by Marcus Buckingham last week.
There are few books that really stick with me.

“Life of Pi” is probably the work of fiction that has most haunted me.
“Love is the Killer App” is a business-book that captured my imagination in so many ways.

“Tipping Point” and “Blink” reminded me how much fun it can be to learn.

And I always find myself recommending them. They are perfect for everyone.

We may have to add “The One Thing You Need to Know” by Marcus Buckingham to the list.

Buckingham tells managers to “Discover what is unique about each person and capitalize on it.”

He tells us that “The job of a great leader is to rally people to a better future.”

It is a difficult book to explain and it is aimed at “managers, leaders, and those seeking sustained individual success”. That didn’t make me want to crack the spine and read (and I could understand your hesitation). But reading the book of a man who worked for Gallup for 17 years, with endless fascinating anecdotes, is a simple joy.

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