12 September 2007

meet aria

Stef has a new best friend.

Everyday, little Aria comes to work with her mom (and our friend), Beauty. She then spends the better part of her day with Stef, pestering and hugging and talking and learning.

Aria only knows Tswana, her native African language, so Stef is slowly teaching her English. She sometimes points to her eyes and says "lips" or vice versa but she is making progress. The whole thing makes communication difficult, but Stef has learned some phrases in Tswana to help with discipline and Aria has learned some English phrases that get her applause.

She also has an adorable fascination with Stef's stuff, especially her hair and her sunglasses. She'll wear Stef's sunglasses (usually upside down) for hours and then will spend an hour just rubbing Stef's hair. White people's hair is a very interesting thing for her and not something she sees much of.

Among all of it, we have also learned maybe a sliver of what it looks like to be parents, albeit parents of a child who speaks a different language. We do our best to love her even when she has naughty days and we really see the beauty of God in her little eyes.

Stef has a new best friend. We have another blessing here.


  1. Thank you for the joyful pictures! Shannon

  2. That is so awesome! I love you guys and pray for you daily. When can I learn some Tswana?

  3. What a precious little girl. Your writing about her facination with Stefani's hair brought back a wonderful memory for me. Children (and girls older than you might think) can't resist touching long, straight hair. It can make for funny (and precarious) situations.
    Thanks for sharing with us guys. I love you and continue to pray for you.
    Love, Mom

  4. that is so cute. reading this particular blog brings back some fond memories. when i tore my acl and had to sit on the sidelines, these little girls kept touching my hair too. then they wanted to play with it saying that they love my "CHINA HAIR." .... but im not CHINESE. hahaha.