13 September 2007

the dry season

So, we're a few days into our third month here. And, while I don't think you care, I am compelled to tell you that it hasn't rained here once.

In Africa, they still call seasons "the wet season" and "the dry season". Well, apparently we're in "the dry season". Like I said, I don't really think you care, I just had to tell someone.

And I could go off about the metaphorical reasons why this being the dry season is so appropriate. But I'll let you write that blog yourself. :)


  1. I think I stumbled upon your blog through a San Antonio craigslist posting awhile back (sound weird,but I think y'all had a link to it)... just wanted to let you know I keep up with your blog, and think it is great! It is such blessing to hear how another young married couple is serving the Lord. I am praying for you two... keep up the great work!

  2. I feel no sympathy for you. I was in Kenya during the Wet Season and it was miserable. So please enjoy the Dry Season as it will soon turn into a very mess, wet and muddy chaos soon enough. :) Shannon