24 January 2008

answered question and a sincere thank you

Once upon a time, there were a lot of questions about how we would survive here.

Once upon a time, there were a lot of questions about where the money would come from to feed us, much less to feed the hungry surrounding us.

We had (still do) student loans that we were paying off. We had to figure our how we would exist here with “regular” contributions of about $450 a month. Everything else would have to arrive by faith.

And it has. People we have never met have sent money that have not only supported us, but the ministry that is being done here. People we know very well have decided that they wanted to send us money just because. And time and time again it has floored us. We head into each month wondering whether the need will be met. And somehow, every time, there is enough for us and enough for us to take care of all of the special needs around us.

If nothing else, being a missionary is a faith-building exercise. It is a way to lose sight of your own western self-determinism and embrace a larger picture of provision.

We wanted to say thank you to all of the people who continue to support the work here. We could never tell you all of the stories. We could never explain the joy the children receive in the sandwich you bought or the looks in the eyes of the street kids who know that we always have something to give them...from you. In fact, we could never fully thank everyone since we don't know who donates or what it is they send. We just get a sum and go to work with it. So, even though we don't even know who you are, we can simply and clearly say "Thank you".

For the boxes and the quiet checks that get deposited...for the email of encouragement or the physical visit to labor with us...for the glory of it all, thank you.

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