24 January 2008

a gadget with stories hiding inside

From author Stephen King:
“…Can a Kindle enrich any reader's life? My own experience — so far limited to 1.5 books, I'll admit — suggests that it can. For a while I was very aware that I was looking at a screen and bopping a button instead of turning pages. Then the story simply swallowed me, as the good ones always do. I wasn't thinking about my Kindle anymore; I was rooting for someone to stop the evil Lady Powerstock. It became about the message instead of the medium, and that's the way it's supposed to be.
And did I mention that you can also look up definitions of words that puzzle you as you read? My definition of Kindle: a gadget with stories hiding inside it. What's wrong with that? “


  1. i got to see and HOLD your kindle before you did!! ha very neat! and dont worry! we only dropped it once! ok just kidding we were super careful! haha love ya!

  2. yep... dropped it really hard! and i downloaded a bunch of stuff on it and now its full..and you can't delete it...and its in russian...so you probably dont want it anymore! so i'll just go ahead and take it from you, okay!?