25 January 2008

starbucks for a buck?

(An extra post today just because...scroll down for the first Friday post.)

As you may have gathered, I am a curious onlooker towards all things Starbucks. The company is a remarkable commentary on our culture (why do we buy the venti when the grande will do?) and a fascinating look at the way that business runs in the US (is there a more ubiquitous, visible brand around?).

I am a former employee, a (very small) stock-holder, and Starbucks' corporate home happens to be located in Seattle, my favorite city. So, I follow Starbucks like the average Texan follows the Dallas Cowboys. Now you know.

So, a few weeks ago I posted the news that McDonalds was jumping into the fancy coffee arena. Now, Starbucks is hitting back, albeit in a test market in Seattle. Starbucks has begun offering $1 coffee in select stores around their headquarters (see photo). What's more, they are offering free refills on that same purchase.

So, coffee for a dollar, with free refills... The fascinating McDonaldization of Starbucks continues.

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