20 March 2011

God and Culture: Rob Bell, Martin Bashir and Universalism

There has been a lot of talk (maybe too much talk) about Rob Bell's new book "Love Wins". He has been painted as a Universalist, which is a pretty serious charge against a supposedly evangelical Christian.

The nadir of the whole thing might have been Bell's interview with Martin Bashir. Bell is squirmy and evasive and Bashir is certainly much more prepared than all of the other national talking heads were during the book's media tour. Watch:

The interview created a new firestorm and elevated Martin Bashir into a bully or a hero depending on one's reading of Bell's theological shift. Here is a link to an incredibly frank interview Bashir did afterward:


The whole thing is fascinating. The hope here is that the importance of what we believe might be elevated to an appropriate place. What we think matters. How we articulate what we believe matters. And whether "Love Wins" in the way that Rob Bell says it does, it has been helpful in stirring up hearts and forcing folks to nail down what they really will claim as their faith.

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  1. So, I have now seen the infamous interview. Bashir, a proclaimed 'committed Christian', seems to know exactly which buttons to push (and Bell seems to avoid like Ebola). Fascinating.