20 January 2010

South Africa Update #5

The team is again making the rounds at schools and prisons today, encouraging the believer and inviting the seeker.

Among the two biggest events left for the team (and the two that will require the most preparation) are services run through Mayfair Baptist Church in Johannesburg.

First, on Friday night (noon in Texas) the Youth of the church will gather and the Grace Point team will be completely in charge of programming a night for them. The team was only made aware of this yesterday and so is planning at the last minute and praying for a good response.

Earlier on Friday, the team is planning an outdoor church service at the Joe Slovo squatter camp near the church, the same one where they have been feeding the children all week.

Prayer Requests:
- That the team would be confident in the plans the Lord has before them and work without anxiety or worry.
- That the nightly devotional time would continue to produce discussion and deep questions as the Lord grows the faith of those on the trip.
- Pray for health on the team, as Stefani is the latest person to come down with an upset stomach.
- Begin praying for Ryan Callahan. As the team gets closer to leaving, he gets closer to being left behind. Pray that God would be his strength, his companionship, and his inspiration.

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