19 January 2010

South Africa Update #4

The team broke up today, with some members running programs at schools and other members ministering to the prisoners at Johannesburg Medium B Correctional Centre.

Word is that the team members are starting to come together and that not only is great ministry happening during the day, but that the nightly devotionals are taking on a new depth and meaning.

In addition to all of the work of their Tuesday, the team was able to do some shopping at Bruma, a traditional African outdoor market. With hand-carved curios, soccer jerseys, paintings, and traditional clothing, there is something for everyone at Bruma. Between that and a lunch at CIRO's pizza, the team is said to be in high spirits and ready for more hard work coming up.

Prayer Request:
That the team would continue to get along so well and that the honesty and openness would continue to develop as the impact of all they are seeing and doing begins to settle into their souls. These are the days in the trip when one's heart starts to really internalize all that the eyes have taken in. Pray for the Lord to press in deeply.

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  1. 4 Jonathan and Kelly: I wore the African paper bead neckace for a conversation starter about your trip. It works! i was up all night Friday the 15th G-d's insomnia, praying 4 every one. what a great joy that all you are there. I can't wait for Ron and I to get an assignment from G-d like yours!!PS
    Mom would love something nifty from Bruma. Musical would be great. Mike is 24 Thursday!! He has BIG news!!! I love you all!-Esther Hollas