24 April 2009

san antonio, this could be you

This week, a story crept up that the parent company of the San Antonio Spurs (and WNBA Silver Stars and AHL Rampage), San Antonio Sports and Entertainment, was interested in bringing professional soccer to San Antonio.

The league that would serve as San Antonio’s first step into the world of pro futbol would be the USL, sort of the apprentice league to the top-level Major League Soccer.

Rather than considering this a foray into yet another minor league venture, San Antonians should recognize this as the first step up the MLS ladder.

Professional soccer has been steadily growing in the US and the MLS has been expanding as the country’s appetite for the sport grows. The sport has proven to be family-friendly and affordable. And not coincidentally, 3 out of the last 4 expansion MLS franchises have been awarded to cities that featured USL teams.

As a soccer fan, a USL team in San Antonio would definitely be a step in the right direction. To help make that step, a supporters club has been started in San Antonio. The Crocketteers exist to help establish professional soccer in San Antonio and to appreciate and promote the beautiful game once it arrives. Click this link to check out the Crocketteers website or to join the group for free.

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