24 April 2009

manswers and urinal etiquette

Sometimes you find a pot of gold and you keep it all for yourself. Other times, you know you need to share.

I need to share.

I stumbled across this blog called To Every Man a Manswer. It is brilliant. You should go there. I’ve added him to the blogroll on the left side of the page, so you can see whenever he posts new stuff.

In particular, the blog has addressed one of my favorite subjects – male urinal etiquette (see above diageram). You should click here and read the full post.


  1. That post was absolutely brilliant. My life is now so much more awesome thanks to Dr. Awesome!

  2. dr awesome is awesome. he is now my second favorite blogger - after this weirdo who claims to be running a church without other people.

  3. Kyle, you sure do a lot of thinking about restrooms... :-)

  4. we spend a lot of time there and they are completely lawless places.

    we need society to accept a few common practices. make the world a better place. (and keep me from having another awkward "we're both peeing" conversation.)