02 March 2009

a word in defense of fanta orange

It recently came to my attention that a certain blogger (Cousin Jeff) had spoken poorly of Fanta in the comments section of a crassly worded and ignorant blog posting.

Let it be known in this space that neither Orange Crush nor Sunkist will ever approach the love that is felt around the globe for Fanta Orange.

Beyond that, the fine folks at Fanta have generously given us many Fanta flavors to savor, including the Dimetapp-like Fanta Grape and the incredibly acidic Fanta Pineapple.

I salute you, Fanta Orange. You are a true friend.


  1. You mean the fine folks at Coca-Cola?
    Do you know the origin of the Fanta brand? It was created by a Coke bottler in Europe (Germany, I think) that was cut off from supply of Coke syrup during one of the world wars so they invented their own drinks. Coke bought the brand from them after the war.

  2. I'm sorry you feel this way! But I just cannot bring myself to enjoying or even respecting a product that brough the Fanta Girls (The Fantanas: http://www.zoogstercostumes.com/landing/fantagirls.php) to our televisions and radio commercials for years. ha

    Meanwhile, the band R.E.M. has popularized the wonderfully orange beverage "Orange Crush" through a song of the same name in 1988. I still enjoy this song (and beverage) to this day.

    Sunkist is the most popular orange soda in the US, and contains caffeine, unlike most orange sodas. there is also a 12-pack of Sunkist Cherry Lemonade resting in my fridge at home!

  3. Aahhh....I recall drinking many Orange Fantas in Kenya. The glass bottles were obviously recycled but it didn't matter once you popped the top....Aahhh...Orange Fanta, one of my favorites. :) Shannon

  4. They get props for both the lyrical weavery and brilliance of "don't you wanta fanta" and for the guts to bring adult tasting dimetap beverages to market. Hard to take those 2 away from them....

  5. Saw your original comment. You are right - Fanta is a friend to Africa. Plus, Fanta makes Strawberry soda, which is the only thing you are allowed to drink while eating at any fried chicken place. I don't think the other fountains even have other soda in them - they're all strawberry.

  6. Matt is my new best friend. A defender of Fanta, a strawberry soda lover, and a rescuer of injured puppies.