31 March 2009

red bull and (ta)urine

So, I had my first adult experience with Red Bull recently. That’s right. After all of my incessant blathering about energy drinks, I only truly imbibed and measured the father of all energy drinks for the first time last week.

(As a matter of full disclosure, I tried Red Bull in 1999 when I was in college. Someone was giving the stuff away and I took one. After one sip, I couldn’t look at the ingredient Taurine without seeing “Urine”. I spent my late teen years drinking yellow Gatorade and Budweiser and yet somehow the Red Bull taste offended me. Go figure.)

Anyway, I have to admit to liking my Red Bull experience. I liked the taste, somewhat flowery and refined. I liked the kick. And there was something else.

Maybe it was the sponsorship of MLS’ Red Bull New York, an American soccer club who will soon have some sweet new digs to play in. Maybe it was the stimulus after a short night. Maybe it was the bull urine…er, taurine. I don’t know. But I liked it.

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