13 March 2009

of b-sides and getting on your boots: a listening to u2's new album

I am a U2 supporter. I like their penchant for reinvention, their seeming apathy for critics, and their ability to be "the biggest band in the world" with some sense of humility.

The new U2 album, No Line On The Horizon (NLOTH), has been...not disappointing...not underwhelming...just...not really U2.

The best way I can describe the album is like a collection of their best B-Sides from the last 10 years. The songs sound unfinished or somehow unresolved. There are really no arena anthems, no immediate sing-alongs, and no hooks that make you want to find the "repeat" button.

Usually, a new album produces that "I can't wait to see how they do this one live" feeling at first listen...this album produces more of a "I wonder how they think they'll pull that off live".

I usually like their "departure" albums, Zooropa and Pop among them. This one, however, hasn't quite caught me. Still, I haven't given up on the new effort...yet.

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