13 March 2009

caffeine-induced bonus post (II)

It has been awhile since I have featured a good caffeine-induced bonus post. In reality, it is the same as a normal post - only I am admitting that I tend to write when under the influence...

I love my wife. She is sick. Not like "start praying and making funeral arrangements" sick, just "take some NyQuil and curse the Lord for creating viral infections" sick.

Anyway, I took the day off of work today to take care of Baby Bella while Stef rested and, hopefully, started to feel better.

(I actually worked for 43 minutes and then came home. This is interesting because I sat in traffic on the way home because some yahoo decided to spill diesel fuel on the highway and shut the thing down. All told, I spent 48 minutes in the car today to work 43. But I digress.)

My point here is that being a Mom is hard work. And tiring. And I can appreciate that a little more today. Love my daughter - she'll wear me out. Love my wife - hope she feels much better soon. Weariness loves company.

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