20 February 2009

of transitions, transactions, and the installation of a king: on conversion part 2

My post from Wednesday (On Conversion) started something of an interesting conversation.

One comment suggested renovation may have been a more appropriate metaphor for the process that one goes through when God interrupts.

Another comment took the stance that the "conversion process" is entirely transactional, despite my muted (anti-American) hopes to the contrary.

A common metaphor that was not mentioned is that of political changes. For instance, when Obama was voted in, he was immediately the President-Elect. At the same time, the policies of Bush were still firmly in place. The apparent contradiction was in some way smoothed over by the appearance of the "Transition Team", the group tasked with making the handover of the most powerful job in the world as seamless as possible.

Jesus did ask those who came to Him to repent, which, in context, was a way of saying "Replace your current king with me - I will be your new King."

I tend to think that this kingship would be recognized immediately, but could only be fully honored as the balance of allegiance swept the old out and made room for the new. Or maybe it isn't that involved at all.

Is it then a transition? Only after a transaction? Or does the conversion metaphor hold? Is the whole conversation silly...or are His ways revealed in subtle hints all around us?

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  1. one of the best bible teachers I've ever known was an advocate of "inaugurated eschatology" as the unifying thread of gospels and the apocolyptic. that the "Kingdom of God is here," even if not fully dominating, or completely inaugurated until a coming event.