19 February 2009

of leaky toilets and proper parts

I fixed the toilet.

We live in an 80 year old house. Our toilet is not 80 years old. More like 4 years old.

Anyway, when the toilet started leaking, I started collecting replacement parts like they were going out of style. Flappers and flush valves, ballcocks and gaskets. I tried them all. Yet there was still leaking.

Eventually, I sought out Ferguson's Plumbing, the holy grail of Kohler replacement parts. The guys there gave me that smile you give people when you know that they were well-intentioned in trying something but you also know that they are a complete idiot for having tried it.

It is probably how a dad feels when his kid asks him to get his football out of the tree. And then his frisbee. And his basketball. And his 9-iron. Dad says, "Nice of you to try and get the football down yourself - but a 9-iron? Really?"

That was the look.

So the experts ordered the correct part from the manufacturer for me. Five days later, the part showed up on the doorstep. Twenty minutes after that, our toilet was again leak-free. And I was cursing myself for wasting all of that time trying to fix it with a 9-iron.

The solution existed before my problem ever did. I just had to break down and apply the proper parts.

Isn't life like that?

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