11 September 2008

searching for energy (and finding enough to kill me)

So, amidst the actual real-world issues of a rabid presidential race, a major hurricane about to slam Texas, and disaster and war all over the globe, I thought I'd give today to energy drinks.

I like energy drinks. And from what I am about to endure with Baby Burkholder, I may be drinking quite a few energy drinks in about 3 months.

A sampling of the current lineup:

I recently found Vault. It is made by Coca-Cola and is called a "Hybrid-Energy Soda" which basically means that it is sweet and comes in a green Coke can and has more caffeine than Mountain Dew. Yikes. One time I drank it and my stomach and heart hurt. Otherwise, it's been pretty much OK.

I also have had a few AMPs recently. I like the orange ones. Tasty and energetic!! They come in huge cans, like cheap beer or something. They also have warnings on the can about pregnant women and sensitive people, so I suppose I should probably keep them away from Stef and keep my off-color remarks to a minimum. (Wait for it...)

My all-time favorite is 180. It is actually made by Anheuser-Busch, the folks make Budweiser. No matter, it is incredible. And, for some strange reason, is only found in West Texas convenience stores these days. 180 got me through college about on the same level as Jesus, so that makes it pretty potent stuff. It claims that it will "turn your energy around". Clever...and accurate. Thumbs up all around.

For any of you still reading, click this link and find out how many of your favorite energy drinks it would take to kill you. Fun for the whole family!!


  1. I backed off of energy drinks when the heart palpitations became more frequent. Just wasn't sure if that was a good sign.

    What I did love to energy drinks is the versatility. it's like the duct tape of bevereges:

    - need to kill lawn weeds? Done
    - thirsty? done
    - need to stay awake? done
    - need to quasi-levatate across a body of water? just about
    - out of gas for your car? it's a substitute!
    - antiseptic? no problem
    - thwart thug attacks? spray it like pepper

    All of that in a quasi-beer can of bliss. $1.89 well spent.

  2. If you ever get a chance to try nerd! Its a gift from god himself.....or a bunch of chem students at UTSA that made it as a final project and began to mass produce it. Anyways its becoming more and more avalible and is realy good!!!!