10 September 2008

disaster is a certainty for haiti

As those of us in Texas continue to monitor the approach of Hurricane Ike, a tremendous human toll has already been exacted by the storm. Haiti, by all measures, is not a fun place to be right now.People are dead by the thousands and there is a fear that food and water will run out long before the survivors have all been fed. There are a number of reasons that Haiti is more vulnerable than other places, not least of which are crippling poverty and massive deforestation.

While we wait on the Cone of Uncertainty to unravel and the hurricane to hit Texas, we can look to Haiti as a place of certainty. And they certainly need our help. World Vision is on the ground...and they are ready to accept your generosity for the least of these. Click that sentence to help.

We are responsible.

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  1. Hey left you some e mail
    I think at this time everyone is kinda going through their own disaster: Cape town is having Floods and on the other side they have fires
    Jozi just very hot at the moment so all we can do is pray brother.