27 August 2008

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What's in a name?

While Stef and I wait for our little biscuit to finish baking in her belly, we have the tremendous job of selecting a name for our daughter. It really isn't that big of a deal. She'll only have it the rest of her life and all.

Some people name kids names that mean something or that honor a family member. Some kids get popular names or names that sound cool. Some kids are named for success and others to be unique. (I once proclaimed that I would name my firstborn son "Abraham Jefferson Rockefeller the 3rd" in order to guarantee personal success...)

As for our search for the perfect name, we go back and forth...on names on spellings...on African names and American names...

I know this much. We are naming her with purpose. We intend to create a teaching point in her name, a place where stories can be told that reflect the grace and mercy and beauty of God. That way, when she asks us, "Why did you give me my name," we will have an answer that points to the Father.

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  1. Kyle,

    One of my favorite names is Blessing. I worked with her and she was from Africa. The people of Africa seem to take the most ordinary of words and turn them into such beautiful names or sayings. I don't expect you to name her Blessing, but I wanted to share that you with you as I know that you would understand. :) Shannon