12 August 2008

the olympics and the only sport worth watching

Last check of the Post-Karmic Stats showed that people all over the world are reading this blog. Or at least they are accidentally stumbling onto it via Google Images or something. Same difference, right?s

Regardless, of the last 100 page-loads, you, the reader, have come from Canada, Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Kenya, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, China, Turkey, Germany, Luxembourg, and Great Britain...

What better time, I figured, than now to tell you what you should be watching during the Olympics. Everybody has their favorite event. Gymnastics, swimming, judo, steeplechase... Your new favorite should be soccer. Why, you ask...?

Soccer is the only Olympic sport where every major continent has a chance to win the gold medal. Seriously, do the research. Tell me of another sport where a legitimate shot is had by all? Then go down the list: Africa is represented. So are North and South America, Asia, Europe, and even Oceania. For me, that makes soccer the best. I will be cheering on Cote d'Ivoire. And you?

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  1. Thanks for your comment a few months back. That led me here to this interesting post. 2 thoughts: (1) why the heck have I never heard of the steeplechase before reading this [oh I see its new for the olympics... by the way cannot wait for the BMX stuff late next week] and (2) I couldn't agree more regarding the footie (psst... "soccer"). In or out of the Olympics it is the world's team sport. The "World Cup" is truly international unlike the "World Series" which really... not so much.