11 August 2008

and now for something completely different

So, sometimes I try to take everyday occurrences and find ways to locate that deeper meaning or that larger lesson that they hold within. As best we know, Jesus did much of his teaching this way (in true rabbinical style). Life happened and the rabbi used it to teach larger truth.

I am not attempting to draw comparisons between myself and Jesus or rabbis. I am merely using the above paragraph to lead into a confession about today’s post:

This story has no redeeming value, except that it is possibly humorous and probably a little strange. It is Monday morning and we could all use a little bit of nonsense.

A week or two ago, I was at my desk eating a McDonald’s salad. (I usually bring PB&J to work, but woke up late and was forced to venture out for sustenance.) And eating in a cubicle allows an employee a brief moment to catch up on the day’s news. Unless something pressing is happening at work, people around my office generally surf the internet while eating. I do the same.

So, I was reading something stupid (probably about Beijing smog or Nigerian militants or urban planning in Brazil) and eating my salad. And I take a bite and CRUNCH!!!!

(Internal dialogue: No way, I couldn’t have…Impossible…Yup, there it is…I really just did that…)

I looked down at my plastic fork. Half of it was missing. I had somehow bitten my fork so hard so as to break the entire thing off. (What is going on in my subconscious that could make me so aggressive…I mean, I was engrossed in my reading, but it was enjoyable and relaxed reading…I’m a little creeped out just thinking about it all.) Only slightly embarrassed, and yet to chew this plastic-infused bite, I looked around the office and realized no one had noticed a thing. After politely disposing of my horrifying fork-bite, I continued eating my salad, stabbing the bits with my half-fork and eventually resolving to see a psychiatrist.

Now you know.

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  1. What, nothing profound from Summit? How Efrem changed your life?

    Fork biting. I think that is specifically listed in the DSM IV manual as an indicator of certain psychosis, neurosis, etc. We should meet to discuss.