25 August 2008

of thunderstorms and nourishing rains

Who doesn't love a good thunderstorm?

Sunday afternoon, I was watching soccer (in Espanol, of course) when a deafening clap of thunder broke through and shook the house. Got my attention. TV off, chair on the porch...

I set myself up to watch the lightning and feel the thunder. I watched as a jogger raced by, under assault by the first raindrops of the oncoming storm. Then, all of the sudden, the skies opened and the rain fell, so much so that my chair on the covered front porch was being soaked - with me in it. I had to abandon my plans to enjoy the rain. I was forced to flee inside.

Sometimes the really strong storms are hard to appreciate. They are too fierce to stay still in their midst. They force movement and they often change our plans for us.

What is funny is that right before I ducked inside, I noticed our new litchi tree, swaying in the wind and soaking up the rain. And it hit me. The storms can be moments of great growth. The storms can be places of incredible strength. The storm brings the pain, but it also brings the cleansing, nourishing rain. Each storm prepares us for the next stronger storm.

Life is easy when everything is working out. But storms do come and we occasionally have to flee. And it's OK to run. As long as you look back long enough to appreciate the growth that is taking place as you go.

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  1. I totally agree with you, Kyle. Thank you for your insights...

    Shannon :)