22 August 2008

links for the weekend and some fun with white people

Some links for your weekend (or your workday or maybe just your general enjoyment)...

White people are stupid. There, I said it. Luckily, there is a beautiful blog that tells us how white people are stupid, only in a really clever and minimally condescending manner. And, yes, I am white and I approved this link.

And just in case you needed a specific white person to call stupid...you can get in line behind his campaign manager...

Since I can't be the only person who delights in reading about the way that it's all falling apart and how the suburbs are to blame: this post.

Another article from the NYT
that spells out how our newfound trouble with Russia is both fascinating and terrifying all at once.

And an Op-Ed piece that expounds on how stupid everybody has been to get us to this point.

One key point to make about everybody that is at fault in the situation with Russia...you guessed it - all whities.

South Africa's World Cup 2010 hopes are alive and optimistic.

Because you all want to know what's next for Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson.

Another Kindle believer comes out of the closet as the momentum picks up... And he notes that the Kindle is environmentally wonderful. You could have latest editions of the Financial Times, New York Times, and Washington Post all delivered to your Kindle at 4:30am every day and never use a shred of paper - and you'd pay about as much for those three as for your local paper subscription...

Just in case anyone else cares about the MLS...an article outlining the expansion possibilities.

A very interesting new solar cell is being developed, creating power from virtually anything that emits heat.

The next book on the Kindle screen may be Crazy Love. It got high praise from a trusted source.

Don't tell anyone, but there may be a success story brewing in Africa.

Just because I can...Grace Point (our local church) is going to a 3-service format on Sundays. They now have church at 9:30, 11, and 12:30. And Olympic gold-medalist Josh
Davis will be speaking at all three services this weekend.

Since we all needed to know what those guts were inside the fake Bigfoot.

I don't know about you, but I am afraid to drive when 18 year-olds are drinking Red Bull, much less alcohol. This proposal seems like it might open the floodgates.

Speaking of alcohol, would you drink wine from the fabled hills of Michigan?

What's the deal with Windows Vista...?

And finally, since I started out the links making fun of white people, here is one of my favorite Seinfeld episodes (a show about white people) - The Frogger - cut down to 7 incredible minutes.

Enjoy the weekend.

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