06 August 2008

getting off on the wrong floor

I did it again today.

I exited the elevator, took about three steps, looked up, looked around, and then it hit me. Wrong floor. Idiot!!

Ever happen to you?

I always blame it on exterior forces. The elevators are painfully slow (I really think there is a 93 year-old man operating the thing with a traditional pulley system down in the basement)…I was engrossed in the document I was reading…It’s Monday morning – of course I am out of it…blah, blah, blah. There really is no excuse.

I think this sometimes happens in our lives. I think we sometimes find ourselves in a place we never really intended to be. Sometimes the door closes behind us and we’re forced to make do with the situation we are given. And maybe that’s a really good thing. Rather than attempting to script every aspect of our lives, it might be refreshing to close our eyes and hit a button on life’s elevator. Truth tells us that there is something to learn every time the door opens, regardless of whether it was the floor we intended to get off on or not.

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