06 July 2008

downtown sunday - bad directions

It's Downtown Sunday!!

Do you ever find yourself as the only local amongst a sea of tourists downtown? No big deal, right? Well, not until you get asked for directions.

It's downtown San Antonio. The streets just kind of showed up. There's no grid, no rhyme or reason. Basically, you hope you don't screw it up - if you do screw it up, you write a great blog about it:

This week's MySa Downtown Blog link...

(And thanks to the MySa Downtown Blog for today's photo...)


  1. Amen, and again I say, "Amen." SA has continued to baffle me at it's city planning paradigm that gave us the roadway patterns we now all navigate. I asked a lifetime SA-er when I moved here, "How did the City arrive at a street map as web-like as this?" His response: "Many, many years ago the City hired Juan and Carlos to map out the future of the City. Over a bottle of Tequila they went, 'Hey, man! Let's write our initials and connect them with lines. Yeah, that'd be cool!' and alas, we have our road system."

    It was very helpful for me, as it was the closest thing to making sense out of mayhem I had heard.

    I'm still not sure what direction roads are ultimately supposed to be considered. Does Huebner run E-W? But sometimes it jogs due North for a while....Wurzbach? Who knows.

    Have fun in the city, guys.

  2. Sorry, but you have it all wrong. If you look through J Smith's peep stone, you can easily see that all roads lead to Mecca. Or, some call it the Alamo.

    Santa Anna left the road map planning guide behind after his dastardly deed. He signed it, "Remember the Alamo". Santa