31 January 2008

on to cape town

Stef and I leave for Cape Town tomorrow. We have been anticipating this holiday for a long time. We are going to sleep in a nice bed in a nice hotel. We are going to go to the beach. We are going to have seafood in a nice restaurant. We are going to be in heaven.

What we are most excited about is strange, almost embarrassing. We are excited to be going to the airport - for ourselves. Since arriving in South Africa, we have been shuttling foreign missionaries to and from the airport to the tune of about a dozen round trips at this point. It can be exhausting (the airport is not close) and it can be discouraging. We get to see the relieved faces of foreigners anxious to return home walking assuredly through to their terminals while we return to the roaches and the power outages. Well, not this time. We are getting on a plane (a Mango Airlines plane!!) and going somewhere nice ourselves - and it feels good!! We are excited to go through security. We are excited to wait on our baggage. And we are excited to do something a little out of the ordinary. And all of that begins when we drive to the airport and actually get on a plane ourselves.

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