29 January 2008

crazy games

Our new favorite Tv show is called Crazy Games. It is basically an excuse to put people in ridiculous costumes and set them up for spectacular falls and terrible spills.

Men in giant chicken costumes try to run against an oversized turntable. Women in flippers try to run down a moving slip'n slide while carrying buckets full of water. Men in oversized snail outfits have to ride bikes through an obstacle course.

Impossible to describe. Funniest show ever.



  1. Totally Cool - I am all about the physical comedy. Did you ever see Most Extreme Elimination Challenge (MXC) on Spike TV? They don't produce it anymore but they had the english translation because everybody in the show was chinese and spoke chinese, just like a bruce lee movie. Very Funny. Very Comical.

  2. ooohh!!! how I miss the crazy games!!! mostly I miss watching the crazy games with yall...when yall get back we will have to watch that asian version and eat pb&j and pretend we are in South Africa!!