03 January 2008

miracle drug

Something we pray for often is a "miracle drug", some unforseen solution to the AIDS-related suffering here in Africa.

I don't buy the "sin = sickness" nonsense that some people try to sell in order to remove from themselves responsibility. It is a lame excuse and no one who has held the dying would hold that stance.

Jesus came and healed lepers. He touched the sick. He offered himself as comfort and hope to a forgotten and needy people. He asked us to do the same in Matthew 25.

AIDS is in its third generation in many families here in Africa. And a child born to an infected mother did nothing to earn his/her HIV-positive status. So, together we will continue to pray that somewhere God might spark an idea in a laboratory that leads to a truly miraculous discovery...a miracle drug.

Maybe this year, 2008, will be the year.

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  1. I saw Oprah last week where she went to Africa and gave out clothes, food, toys, etc for Christmas. It was a neat show and she was introduced to a mother of a child who had HIV but was not being offered drugs yet. She was appalled! hmmm. Maybe if enough people know and of course the right people, things will someday change. Aunt Tammi