02 January 2008

freshlyground - just for you


We aren’t completely sure why, but you people continue to show up here by the hundreds. Another boat-load of people have this blog delivered in their email everyday. So, for whatever reason you keep coming back, thanks for making this place a part of your day.

I have to believe that one reason you’re here is because we share something. Some of you surely share DNA with us, but others share something much simpler. Maybe our paths crossed somewhere. Maybe we have a similar sense of humor. Maybe the Jesus quietly contained in these words resonates in the depths of your being. Maybe this is simple escapism from a world that tends to be one letdown after another. Maybe you stumbled here and don’t quite know why you keep returning. Maybe Africa is calling you and this is your vicarious living until you can get here. I don’t know.

What I do know is that we share enough that you are here. And that’ll be enough for me.

Today, we want to add to the things we share. Now, we haven’t recommended many things in this space. Sure, I tell you about what we’re reading, but really, we have never come out and said “YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!!”

Well, we would like to introduce you to FreshlyGround. They are everything that is wonderful about the new South Africa. They are a music group, with a fun, ethnic, approachable, and altogether wonderful new album called “Ma’Cheri”.

No matter who you are, we think you would enjoy this, so much so that we are ready to say, “YOU HAVE TO BUY THIS!!”

Listen to the Album on the FreshlyGround Website - Click Here

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