10 January 2008

have you got a minute? of drizzly summers, home affairs and toothpaste

- We woke up this morning to a blanket of 50 degree drizzle. Tonight, as we get ready for bed, it is 50 degrees and drizzling. Welcome to summer in Joburg. Sigh...

- We put our laundry up on the line last night. I think it’s more wet now than when we pulled it from the washing machine.

- We spent a few more hours at the Home Affairs Department on Wednesday.

- Got an email today. Kindle is on the way. I’ll keep you informed.

- Stef is my favorite person in the world. She makes me smile every day. So many times a day. Incredible.

- Kenya is still embroiled in all kinds of violence. Keep praying.

- Ever seen the show Pirate Master? It is some American reality show that comes on here. Worst television ever...

- Did I mention the Home Affairs Department? You wouldn’t believe the story.

- Pastor Willie will be in San Antonio on Friday. He will be preaching at Grace Point on Sunday at both services. In the spirit of all great used car commercials, “Tell him Kyle sent ya.”

- So, the Home Affairs Department broke their rules and their immigration laws and extended our visas through the end of our time here. Apparently, some special board members got a hold of our applications and decided we would be legal here after all.

- Seattle is my favorite US city. Chicago is in mourning.

- Why isn’t toothpaste sold in bigger tubes? Wouldn’t that make sense?

- Ya, we’re going to be legal here after all. God works all kinds of things out.

- Hilary or Barack? Or Huck or McCain or Mitt? You tell us. We’re a little out of the loop.

- That’s all today. Life is good.


  1. middle of winter here and it's 80 degrees... why is seattle ahead of chicago??? glad you and stef are legal!!! apparently obama is a smoker, i did not know that...

  2. I'll take McCain, he has the experience and the balls to see us through any crisis, in my opinion.

    Wish it were 50 degrees and rainy here, then it would feel like winter. But i get to go back to Germany in March so I'll get a dose of all that. :)

    Starbucks rules and McDinalds drools...

    Kenya...it breaks my heart every day so please, please, please continue to pray.

    Can't wait to see you two in March...Love - Shannon

  3. The larger the tube of toothpaste is, the harder it is to manage, of course. Now, they could perhaps make some sort of refill system. heh.
    Glad to hear that you'll have an easier exit and fewer potential issues during your stay.

  4. obama smokes? did that info get leaked in a tobacco state? perhaps one of the carolinas?

    i still don't understand the toothpaste thing. who is having difficulty managing the tube? how hard is squeezing? :)

  5. bill simmons leaked the obama smokes thing. he said that's the reason he doesn't trust him. always trying to sneak off to burn one real quick. he said its a platform built on white lies! as for the toothpaste thing, if people are having problems with squeezing, they can always buy the pump dispenser. i'm with you, the bigger the better...just so it fits in the drawer!

  6. jeff, honey...you squeeze the toothpaste right in the middle so if you had a bigger tube you would just have a big mess!!! and i would have more to keep squeezing to the top! just stick to the smaller one! ok love you! ha

    hey maybe you and ryan can share toothpaste and ill just get my own? theres an idea! :)

  7. Exactly. The bigger it is the harder to squeeze from the end and still control where the toothpaste goes. If you squeeze from the middle, it's a greater chance that it will go toward the sealed end rather than out.

  8. we're going to have big troubles as a nation if we can't sort out this toothpaste thing.

    can we not just squeeze away from the sealed end? how hard is that?