13 December 2007

no matter the cost

Yesterday we told you how we are going to be illegal aliens by the time we leave this country.

And the difficulty for us is that the possibility of being banned from this country, this place we love full of these people who are so much a part of our being, is very real. We haven't found definitive answers to our questions yet and we still have some more rocks to look under as we search for a solution to this problem. Yet, somehow, it is going to be OK...

I have been seeking leadership teaching from a mentor and the one thing that he has mentioned over and over again is to prepare for the costs of leading. He reminds me to be ready to face the reisitance that will come with digging in and fighting on the side of Truth.

Well, I cannot help but wonder if a cost of our time here may be that we aren't ever allowed back. And I can't help but become defiant in the face of that. The fact that we were able to come at all is in itself remarkable. And the difference that we hope to leave behind will be tangible. So, if the result is I can never return...then we will press on strongly, looking for the next dark place that needs light.

We will be here until March 6th, legally or illegally. And we will continue to invest in the people, grow with the community, and do everything we know to do to continue turning darkness into light...

...no matter the cost.


  1. Stand strong on the rock that is Jesus, be brave in His courage and stay true to His word. And if you get arrested and put into jail I promise to get a camando team together to rescue you both. I know people.....

    Shannon :)

  2. Kyle, what's your direct email address?