10 September 2007

photo essay of our day off...

Here we are at the Mission House getting ready to go to the mall for a day out on our day off... (Click on the pictures to see them larger.)

Careful not to step on the box of Rodenticide as you leave the house!! Not that we have a rat or mouse problem...

At Mugg & Bean, Stef enjoys a freshly squeezed glass of OJ. Mmm!!

Here I am lamenting the quick demise of my glass of mango juice. Sigh... You just don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

Stef digs into breakfast. I wisely chose to have a huge cappuccino instead of breakfast. Stef stopped eating shortly after this photo was taken and I got breakfast after all - surprise...

After breakfast, we ventured outside of the mall to see the wildlife. Watch out Stef!! (Honestly, this really lame setup of fake animals is the closest we've been to wildlife - unless you count the unfortunate victims of our rodenticide.)

Here we are about to go into see Hairspray. What?!?! How did this happen? I got Jedi-mind-tricked into this one. I wanted to see The Bourne Ultimatum.

After Hairspray... Not too bad. I am a sucker for racial justice.

And that's that. Life here isn't all grit and grime. Occasionally, we invest in some much-needed leisure. Hope you enjoyed it even a sliver as much as we did.


  1. ahh...i love it!! i miss you guys.. =( soon..

  2. Thanks for sharing your day! You guys are too cute :) That's why we love!!!

  3. I should not type and try to work at the same time (ha!) It should say That's why we love you!!! Aunt Tammi

  4. KYLE!!! You have hair dude.
    It seems like yesterday you were a victim of "stiponitis" or whatever you called it..hahaha

  5. how long is your hair now?? its always in a ponytail..it has to be long! show me a picture of it down!! =)

  6. You guys make me laugh!! Keep up the great work. Shannon :)

  7. Gotta watch out for those Jedi mind-tricks...I ahven't been able to overcome their power after more than 23 years of trying!