05 August 2007

a thousand words

Well, let me admit something here.

I was about to recap a few of the worst moments from the past 9 days in Kenya. It's really not a bad place. It just happens that, for whatever reason, the tales of woe tend to be more entertaining than the positive stories. I was going to tell you how Stef celebrated her 26th birthday in an unforgettable way. I was going to mention the torrential downpours and helicopter-mosquitoes. I was thinking of including a rant about potholes that swallow cars and how leaving those roadways without repair is not the best way to help your nation rise out of desperate poverty. I was considering any number of stories about food or toilets or the way the two interact quite intimately in East Africa.

Instead, you will wait. We should get to that stuff later this week.

Instead, I wanted to share with you a picture of the menu in the kitchen at the orphanage where we spent the week working. I took it imagining that I'll look back one day when I forget all that I have seen here. Maybe one day I'll have a look at this picture just to remind myself how much I take for granted.

Click on the picture. It needs to be large enough for you to read the words...

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  1. happy belated birthday stef! heard a song and made me think of you guys.
    - phuong