05 August 2007

home from kenya...

We are back!! Oh, sweet mercy...

Kenya was as rough as ever (at least for these two spoiled missionaries), but we managed to get an incredible glimpse of God. We are thrilled to be back in Joburg, with our drinkable running water, hot showers, electricity, and friends.

We have a lot to share from the last couple of weeks, including stories of toilets that wouldn't flush, the starry African sky, lots of vomitting, beautiful orphans, Kyle's ongoing battle with a strange plague (possibly thousands of malarial mosquito bites), and much, much more. So, like the water in Kenya, we'll let it come from the tap in a slow, cold trickle. Hope you enjoy.


  1. i love seeing pictures of you guys and these beautiful people! lets see more!!

  2. Did you guys do anything for your birthday?