12 August 2007

the missionary diet: tenet 1 - eat with friends

Stef and I were going with Micahel to Johannesburg Prison to pick up a visiting preacher who was ministering to the inmates there. We had to stop to fill up on petrol (gas), so we wondered inside the convenience store attached to the petrol station.

Inside, they had the typical pre-packaged snacks and a little setup where hot food could be purchased. We ordered “Pap & Mince with Gravy” for what amounted to about $2.

Pap, as you might recall, is the South African staple, a clay-like cornmeal porridge. Mince is simply ground beef. So we were handed a plate of pap, covered in a thick stew of ground beef, carrots and potatoes.

We climbed back into the car, and with our fingers as utensils (it is the African way) we began picking away at this warm, filling meal. It was split among us. And we were all satisifed. So, eat with friends. Split the dish. Whether it’s chicken fingers from Chili’s or pap from a petrol station. You’ll be closer with your friends and you’ll consume half
the calories.

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