14 August 2007

happy tuesday

As the great Mike Weimer of Firstmark Credit Union was fond of saying, "Happy Tuesday!!!"

A couple of housekeeping notes today...

- We've updated our look a little bit as the last format was giving us trouble. We'll put some work into this one and make it look a little more inviting. At least now when you load the page, you'll be able to read with us...

- We have posted a bunch of photos from our Kenya trip (nightmare?) on our photo site. You can click on the link that says "Our Photos" on the side of the page. And yes, there are more stories about Kenya, but we are in the process of blocking out that part of our memory for all of eternity. :-)

- Finally, you can expect the first MAILBAG tomorrow. If you haven't gotten your questions/comments through, send them anyway and we'll use them for the next mailbag.

None Beyond Redemption...
Kyle and Stef

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