11 July 2007

in london with the Geico gecko

We made it out of America. Finally, this morning, 2am your time, we touched down at London's Heathrow Airport, which some of you might remember is not my favorite place in the world. It can make Kenya look organized.

It is as much of a nightmare as I remember from my last stop here, but we made it and I am in no position to complain. Stef is, as I type, sleeping curled up on another airport bench. The girl is developing a real talent for sleeping in public. Makes me proud. Of course, I could sleep through a tornado, which means that one of us has to stay up or else we'll be the easiest target for luggage theft in the history of mankind.

We actually took a trip into central London on the tube (London Underground) today. It was easy enough, as was meandering around the city on a quest for Stef's culinary holy grail: authentic British fish and chips. After quite a good bit of meandering (in the wet, 60 degree morning), we finally found a chap who reluctantly opened his shop a minute early (11:29am local time) so we could have our meal. Friendly guy. We overtipped him and chalked up his attitude to the fact that he hasn't seen the sun in 13 years. As for the food, it was, well, fish and chips. As the Geico gecko once said, "It's fish and chips...I mean, who doesn't like fish and chips?" What more can I add to that?

Somewhere in the middle of this taste explosion, we realized we were exhausted. The flight from London is only 7 hours long, so we didn't get but a couple of hours of "plane sleep" there. Added to our Chicago napping, that equaled not much sleep for 48 hours. All of which is why Stef is now sleeping peacefully on a bench and I am rambling happily about the Geico gecko. (In case you were wondering - and you weren't - I find the Geico gecko to be quite charming.)

Here is the bottom line: We made it to London. We have tickets that say we have seats on a plane to Joburg. We are only 19 more hours away from our destination. And hopefully a shower. (Even amidst the unwashed masses of the international terminal, I fear that I may be giving off quite the unwelcome funk. Now you know.) Anyway, we are starting to get excited.

Next stop, Africa.


  1. I pray for good food, an abundance of hot water, and restorative sleep (in Africa!)Love and prayers, Mom

  2. I personally prefer the Geico cavemen. Sounds like the journey has already begun. I hope y'all get some more sleep. Take care.

  3. Wow, you have had an exciting week, but God will bless you for your faithfulness. I look up to ya'll and i pray for your safety in Africa. Amy told me that you are finally there. And i pray that you get your luggage back soon. I love you both. Your in my prayers. love, kristyn bryant

  4. Amazing! Welcome to Africa. I can't believe you guys are now only a few hours away from Upington. Hope you get plenty of rest and praying your energies are restored quickly. Blessings!