08 April 2011

Deco Pizzeria

Deco Pizzeria just opened in the Deco District. The food is superb, the service wonderful, and the friendliness of everyone involved refreshing.

The only problem one might discover is in the fact that the restaurant's name steers you to pizza...I am proposing a name change to "Deco Pizzeria, CheeseSteakeria, Saladeria, BuffaloWingeria, Meatballeria, and SweetPatioeria" so that the fullness of awesomeness might be known.

In the week leading up to the grand opening, we made sure to make several visits to our new local gathering spot. Some highlights...

- The pasta dishes, which were always solid and very reasonably priced, are a hit with everyone. Bella, for one, might have a meatball addiction.

- The wings are killer, served traditionally or naked with sauce on the side. The wings are meaty and have just enough kick to have you reaching for your drink.

- The Philly Cheese Steak was a surprise winner, peppery and stacked with fresh grilled onion and bell pepper.

- The wife reports that the salads are superb and that the fruit pizza was "amazing".

- And, finally, the pizza. Well put together, good proportions with regard to cheese/sauce/toppings and that fresh out of the oven crispiness in the crust make for a good foundation. Word from friends has it that the White Pizza, in particular, stands out.

So there you have it. Roll a ton of great food options, reasonable prices, and friendly staff into one place (and then add one of the best outdoor patios in the inner city) and what we have is a new place to call our own.

Deco Pizzeria, welcome to the neighborhood!!

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